Project delivery

To make our projects risk free, short with minimum customer involvement, we have chosen to focus our efforts in 5 key areas:

  1. Engineering excellence
  2. eXtreme Automation of our processes
  3. eXtreme Accuracy of our code and data manipulation
  4. Disciplined Quality policy combining Lean Six Sigma principles with a strong Test expertise.
  5. Project Governance
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All our projects share the same foundation: a highly specialized methodology that we refined over the years to improve the efficiency and the quality of our processes.

MMM (Metaware Modernization Methodology) starts with the notion that modernization is a process. A process is defined by executing activities. MMM defines all possible activities, and groups those in Steps and Phases into a Lifecycle model.

To execute the activities in an efficient way, MMM uses a large number of Techniques offering elaborated and universal working methods in the area of code manipulation, middleware, testing, system integration, and DevOps practices.

To have the activities executed on time with the desired quality, MMM states that Infrastructure must be in place such as test environment, code manipulation tools, test tools. zPLC, xPLC and refine workbench are examples of highly integrated infrastructure components used to support MMM.

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Modernization process with an organization of insufficient quality will be a failure. Modernization requires the involvement of a large number of different disciplines to be coordinated to deliver project on time, on budget and above customer expectations. MMM defines an Organization that enable effective relations between modernization functions, activities and facilities.


With over 20 years of experience in the field of modernization, with other 200 fixed price modernization projects, metaware has been able to consolidate a huge number of facts, metrics, and defects into a single knowledge base. Lean Six Sigma statistics tools have been very efficient for:

  • reducing defects
  • streamlining our work flows, and
  • making our processes more profitable.
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Software refinery

Software refinery is the platform designed, developed and used by metaware to deliver its projects.

Software refinery automates asset analysis transformation and testing.

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Software refinery guarantees the lowest defect injection rate combined with the highest defect removal rate.