DevOps and cloud infrastructure to speed delivery time in half and reduce costs by more than 70%

zPLC is a comprehensive DevOps platform designed for IBM z/OS mainframe including:

  • state of the art DevOps practices to improve quality and delivery time
  • Pre-integrated Open Source DevOps tools as used by java Software Development teams to automate activities
  • IBM z/OS, z/OS subsystems and software running on commodity Linux Servers without consuming mainframe resources

Hosted on premises or in the cloud, zPLC is an INTEGRATED virtual appliance that enables the deployment of a Continuous Delivery platform with speed and confidence, providing

  • continuous integration
  • continuous testing
  • continuous delivery

zPLC enables IT to more rapidly deliver traditional application change and maintenance as well as mobile, cloud, big data projects at improved quality and lowered risk:

KPI Metric Mainframe zPLC
Full Build lead time 5-10 MLOC 2 days 2 hours
Test scenario creation workload 5 000 pgm 500 days 50 days
Full regression test execution 5 000 pgm 20 days 10 hours
Environment Provisioning Lead Time duration 10 days 20 mn
Major Release Deployment times a year 4 48
Application Change Lead time (commit to prod.) duration months week/day
Mean Time to recover (rollback) duration n/a 1 hour

z/os DevOps stack

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zPLC modules
Code AnalyticsImprove code understanding, quality control, metrics, impact analysis
Code RefactoringAutomated code transformation: system upgrade, code enhancement
Continuous TestingFull automation of risk analysis, test preparation and test execution
Continuous IntegrationAutomated release managt, versioning, orchestration, build, gate
Continuous DeliveryFull automation of provisioning, and z/os hardware emulation

As an option, zPLC is integrated with IBM Rational products:

  • Rational Developer for System z
  • Rational Team Concert
  • Rational Test Workbench
  • Rational Test Virtualization Server
  • UrbanCode Deploy


xPLC is a full DevOps platform for distributed platforms: linux, windows and Unix.

xPLC is the distributed instance of zPLC.