refine Analytics

Application knowledge directly translates into bottom-line benefits

refine Analytics is a SaaS based application developed to provide the user with an easy and interactive access to the information stored in refine CBMS.

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Asset inventory desktop

This desktop presents the results of the legacy inventory. It allows to know with precision, the inventory of components which constitute a given application or domain, by family (pgm, copy, jcl) and by type ( pgm batch, pgm TP…).

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Asset Mapper desktop

The «Asset Mapper» desktop depicts two properties of every component of a given asset such as:

  • inventory status (see Appendix – Inventory Statuses),
  • number of code lines,
  • quality,
  • standard conformance
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Cross reference desktop

The «Cross References» desktop depicts every dependency relationships between components of an asset.

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Code inspection desktop

Code inspection desktop depicts the code violations to a selected inspection charter composed of user-definable inspection rules.

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Quality measurement desktop

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Documentation desktop

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