r4z: refine for z/os

CICS and Batch anywhere at a Small Fraction of the Mainframe Price

r4z (refine for z/os) augments the capabilities of Linux, Windows, IBM AIX to execute mission critical z/os CICS and batch applications.

Key Features

  • Unchanged CICS and batch mission critical applications deployed and hosted on Linux, IBM AIX, and Windows platforms
  • Protect existing investments by implementing strict 1:1 functional and technical equivalence and application behaviors, and by capitalizing on existing application programming skill-sets
  • Provide a reliable, scalable, high available, and fault tolerant Execution Environment to meet intensive online and batch processing requirements
  • Deliver a flexible and robust foundation for Web Services integration, SOA, mobile, and Cloud Computing

r4z has two integrated components:

  • r4z for CICS
  • r4z for Batch

r4z for CICS

r4z for CICS is an Online Transaction Processing environment designed to run CICS applications unchanged on high-performance Linux, IBM AIX, and Windows platforms.

r4z is a robust, scalable and secure platform including the full sets of APIs and services that allow mainframe applications to run unchanged, protecting years of investment in their business logic and data. The result is ability to quickly and with low risk run mainframe applications onto open systems, leading to substantial cost savings and greater flexibility.

r4z supports:

  • 3270 terminal server and BMS management
  • CICS and non CICS interoperability, integrating across clients and other CICS regions
  • EXEC CICS API and the underlying functions
  • Synchronous or asynchronous transactions
  • Two-phase commit support for XA-compliant databases
  • VSAM File System
  • EXEC SQL for database access
  • Access through standard connector protocols – CICS Transaction Gateway, WebSphere, JCA Standards, WebSphere MQ and more
  • Web services to enable rapid and simple integration in an SOA environment
  • Linux, Windows, IBM AIX and key hypervisors

R4z for CICS includes two core components:

  • Distributed CICS OLTP
  • VSAM File System

CICS OLTP supports the base CICS API with the fundamental transactional qualities of atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability.

r4z for CICS incorporates a VSAM-emulating, record-oriented file system that can provide indexed, relative, and sequential access to file-based data. It allows developers to store fully recoverable file-based data that can be processed in a batch environment.

The design of r4z for CICS facilitates best practices of CICS program design by supporting the separation of the presentation logic, integration logic, business logic, and data access logic elements of an application. This enables COBOL, C, C++, Java , and PL/I specialists to develop modern, reusable applications that fit into a corporation's enterprise-wide requirements. Data sources can be included in a single unit of work, providing two-phase commit for data integrity across the network.

r4z for CICS can be integrated as a component of your SOA, to enable end-to-end, distributed, mixed language solutions.

The Java Connector Architecture (JCA) interface provided by CICS TG can connect r4z for CICS to Application Server.

r4z for CICS also provides extremely good connectivity with CICS TS on z/OS® through full CICS Intersystem Communication ( CICS ISC) support.

r4z for Batch

r4z for Batch implements a Batch Execution Environment, to help and manage the execution of jobs, described by a command script (for example ksh).

Execution environment

r4z for Batch performs the following functions:

  • provides all necessary commands to control the job
  • manages global resources (DBMS)
  • provides a cross programming languages
  • supports every mainframe file types including GDG
  • centralized error reporting
  • collects execution traces and statistics
  • manages different JCLs
  • automatic commit/rollback at the end of each step
  • runs on cluster mode (Cloud-aware)

Utility library

r4z for Batch offers an equivalent implementation of the majority of the IBM and third Party utilities (DFSORT, ICEGENER, IDCAMS, IEBGENER, IKJEFT01, etc).

Integration platform

r4z for Batch provides a powerful abstraction mechanism to integrate of any Third Party tools such as a scheduler, SORT, output management, Save/Restore, Supervision.

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