Metaware products are the result of 20 years of software engineering and middleware development.

Metaware products include:

refine Analytics is a SaaS based application providing easy access and interactive insights on the software code base such as inventory, dependencies, and quatity

Metaware PLC is a comprehensive DevOps platform

  • zPLC has been designed to implement DevOps for IBM z/OS and off-loads z/OS development and test activities on Linux
  • boxes
  • xPLC is the instance of zPLC designed for open distributed systems


r4z (refine for z/os) augments the capabilities of Linux, Windows, and IBM AIX to execute mission critical CICS and batch applications


r4g (refine for GCOS) is an execution environment for online and batch processing reproducing Bull GCOS systems on Linux or Unix

refine CBMS has emerged over the years as a widely used technology for software analysis and automated transformation