About metaware

Metaware is a leading provider of solutions allowing for IT costs savings and the digital transformation of proprietary technology, with a focus on mainframes.

Drawing on 20 years of innovation and 200+ successful projects completed across Fortune 1000 organizations, Metaware delivers the most comprehensive and automated solutions for the rapid replacement and deployment of lower cost technology.

Metaware is a French privately held company, headquartered in Le Pecq, France.

  1. Creation
    Refine® Technology

  2. 1st Bull migration
    to Unix

  3. Internationalization

  4. 1st ZoS migration
    to Unix

  5. Automated

  6. Off-shore center

  7. 1st factory for
    global SI

  8. PL1 & DL1

  9. Code

  10. Natural

  11. Global EOM

  12. 1st full Windows
    zOs migration

  13. Cloud computing

  14. zPLC & xPLC