Metaware has built ‘sucess proven’ partnerships with leading service and technology providers. Drawing on 20 years of successful projects with these partners, Metaware is able to provide its customers with all type of technologies and solutions that ensure:

  • the access to state-of-the-art solutions
  • an extended knowledge base to optimize solutions backed with easily actionable partners’ expertise
  • implementation best practices capitalized over 200+ projects

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  • Since 1995 – Oracle, BEA, and Metaware have partnered on the majority of migration projects in Europe and the US.
  • 2004 – Metaware developed CICS and batch runtime on Tuxedo for rehosting z/OS applications, which has been deployed in 30+ projects
  • 2009 – Metaware awarded OPN Partner of the year
  • 2010 – Oracle released Tuxedo ART co-designed with Metaware and implemented in multiple projects around the world
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Logo ibm c31cca86274753cc8f8df7910e352ae872bdf72c42ded8fa6c56bf6c50e333a4
  • Alliance started in 1998
  • Joint Migration Factory in 2002 addressing French and International markets
  • 25+ projects delivered
  • Metaware is a member of IBM Partner World and an IBM ISV

Logo hp a61216a0d165767ce6229c619ffd1ce123c4083de270b547512dc48e4ca7b906
  • Alliance started in 2004
  • Close collaboration for HP3000 and IBM z/OS migrations since 2004
  • 17 projects delivered leveraging HP hardware infrastructure and software

Logo accenture 8d56afc64b2c1a6f99fb230421d0ac3d326c729890fd876396ee82024a97dac2
  • Alliance started in 2007
  • Flexible Model supporting International Projects: Subcontractor, joint contractor, or PMO only
  • 4 projects delivered
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Logo capgemini ceedea585ae5678d5c7c3580b1cf260bd73f340a1f7759db3bf6f59aa65ebdab
  • Alliance started in 1995
  • 2 models: subcontractor and PMO
  • 4 projects delivered

Logo cobol it metaware web 2fea22ee24add9c66319ab268af36322486a0d1105bc694d89813ea9d1edc518
  • COBOL-IT allows customers to migrate, deploy and maintain their COBOL applications with minimal cost and minimal risk
  • COBOL-IT is used by Metaware since 2010, Certification done for Tuxedo ART in 2011. Metaware and COBOL-IT follow the same migration methodology strategy.